Courses in Islamic Studies

Mason offers a wide range of courses in Islamic studies at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. These courses come from multiple departments and programs which contribute to the programs in Islamic Studies. Courses provide students with a rich, multidisciplinary perspective on issues involving the societies, cultures, history, and politics of the Islamic world.

This information is provided by the Center for Global Islamic Studies and is subject to change. It is not meant to replace the Schedule of Classes on the website of the Office of the Registrar, which is the official and most up-to-date source for the schedule.

Note: Check the Department of Modern and Classical Languages website for information about courses offered in Arabic, Persian, and Turkish. Check the Schar School of Policy and Government website for more information about GOVT courses listed below.

Sections scheduled for Fall 2018 - Undergraduate (Minor)

ANTH 308 001 - Peoples/Cultures of Middle East

GOVT 332 001 - Government and Politics of the Middle East and North Africa

GOVT 345 001 - Islam and Politics

GOVT 444 001 - Text, Film and the Arab Uprisings

HIST 281 001 - Survey of Middle Eastern Civilization I

REL 374 001 - Islamic Thought

Sections scheduled for Fall 2018 - Graduate (MEIS)

HIST 610 001 - The Study and Writing of History

HIST 610 002 - The Study and Writing of History

MEIS 500 001 - Critical Issues/Debates in Middle East & Islamic Studies

RELI 591 002 - Acad Stdy Reli: Islamic Stdies

RELI 644 001 - Islamic Texts and Contexts

SOCI 620 001 - Methods and Logic of Social Inquiry

Sections scheduled for Spring 2018 - Undergraduate (Minor)

GOVT 332 - Government and Politics of the Middle East/North Africa

GOVT 345 - Islam and Politics

GOVT 444 009 - The Arab Spring and Beyond

HIST 282 - Survey of Middle East Civilization II

HIST 387 007 - Europe and the Middle East, 600-1900

RELI 272 - Islam

RELI 365 - Muhammad: Life and Legacy

Sections scheduled for Spring 2018 - Graduate (MEIS)

GOVT 500 - Scientific Method and Research Design

GOVT 632 002 - Politics/Societies of the Middle East

HIST 575 - Approaches to Middle Eastern and Islamic History *crosslisted as HIST 535

HIST 610 - The Study and Writing of History

RELI 645 - Muslim Comparative Theologies: Sunni-Shi'i Religious Thought

Study Abroad Programs (Coursework & Internships)

Students interested in Islamic studies are strongly encouraged to study abroad in one of the many programs offered by George Mason University's Global Education Office (GEO).  The exposure and interactions of such experiences greatly enhance the learning in the classroom. Study abroad courses and internships are offered for a semester, summer and winter and spring academic breaks. GEO offers programs in Morocco, Indonesia, Jordan, UAE, Oman and Palestinian territories. To learn more- visit the GEO website at