Lectures on Politics and Current Events

Laurence Louër (Sciences Po) - "Shi'a and the State in the Gulf Monarchies"

Juan Cole (University of Michigan) - "Sectarianism or Class Conflict? The ISIL Crisis"

Abdulaziz Sachedina (George Mason University) - "The Future of Pluralism in Iraq"

Paul Lubeck (Johns Hopkins-SAIS) - "Explaining the Boko Haram Insurgency"

Dina Khoury (George Washington University) - "The Meanings of Martyrdom in Iraq"

Christopher Anzalone (McGill University) - "Historical Memory, Piety, and Politics: 'Sectarianization' of Syria's Civil War"

Roger Owen (Harvard University) - "The Rise and Fall of Arab Presidents for Life"

Jasser Auda (Qatar Foundation-Faculty of Islamic Studies, Center of Islamic Legislation and Ethics) - "The Arab Uprisings, Islam, and Equal Citizenship: Current Debates"

Carrie Rosefsky Wickham (Emory University) - "Islamist Movement Change in the Arab World"

Daniel Brumberg (United States Institute for Peace) - "Islamists and Identity Politics in the Arab Spring"

Hassan Abbas (National Defense University) - "Who Will Determine the Future of Pakistan: Extremists, Liberals, or the Military?"

Robert Crews (Stanford University) - "Cosmopolitanism and Religious Politics in Afghanistan"

Manal Omar (United States Institute for Peace) - "Barefoot in Baghdad"

Talha Kose (George Mason University) - "The Politics of Alevi Identiy in Turkey"