"Voice of the Muslim Brotherhood" with lecturer Noha Mellor and respondent Nancy Youssef

Thursday, November 16, 2017 12:00 PM
Johnson Center, Meeting Room A

mellor-lectureDespite the burgeoning literature on the Muslim Brotherhood, knowledge about the movement is still rather limited, particularly with regard to its most strategic tool - media and communications. In this lecture, Noha Mellor offers a fresh and close look into the communication strategy of the group, drawing on her new book which focuses on published periodicals, biographies, and websites that represent the voice of the Brotherhood. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach which integrates Media Studies and Social Movement Theory, she provides a fresh analysis of the Brotherhood movement as an “interpretive community”.

Her book, titled Voice of the Muslim Brotherhood, analyzes the core mission of the Brotherhood, namely its da’wa (call to faith) - how it is articulated and how it is defined by the movement as an ideology and a process; have the media represented a coherent voice of the Brotherhood over the past decades? What can the communicate regarding the Brothers’ perception of the needs of their audiences? How have the media served to sustain, preserve, and distinguish the movement for nine decades?

Respondent: Nancy Youssef, Wall Street Journal

About the Speakers

Noha Mellor is Professor of Media at the University of Bedfordshire, UK, and Adjunct Professor of Middle Eastern Studies at Stockholm University, Sweden. She is the author of several books about Arab media, culture and political Islam.

Nancy Youssef is a national security correspondent for the Wall Street Journal. She has received several awards for her coverage of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the Egyptian revolution of 2011.

Sponsored by the Ali Vural Ak Center for Global Islamic Studies, Department of Modern & Classical Languages, Middle East & Islamic Studies Program, Global Affairs, Global Programs and Arab Studies Institute.

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