Muslim Journeys Bookshelf

The Ali Vural Ak Center for Global Islamic Studies and Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media have collaborated on the website content and design for the National Endowment for the Humanities’ Bridging Cultures Bookshelf/Muslim Journeys project.

The Bridging Cultures Bookshelf/Muslim Journeys is a set of over 25 books and documentaries, as well as other resources including access to Oxford Islamic Studies Online, that have been selected for distribution to up to 1,000 competing public libraries, academic libraries, and state humanities councils in an effort to familiarize the public with the diverse people, places, history, faith and cultures of Muslims in America and around the globe. The project’s website acts as a comprehensive guide to the Bookshelf, including thematic grouping of the books, profiles of the books and authors, additional primary sources related to the texts, and bibliographies for further reading on its diverse subject matter.

In addition to developing the website’s content, the Ali Vural Ak Center has also been involved in other aspects of the project. Dr. Peter Mandaville, Director of the Ali Vural Ak Center, is the project’s Principal Investigator, and Susan Douglass, the Center’s Senior Research Associate, served as a consultant to the national group of scholars, humanities educators, librarians, and program experts who were tasked with selecting the titles to be included in the Bookshelf.

The American Library Association partnered with NEH to conduct the online application process for public libraries, among other institutions, to compete for the Bookshelf and its accompanying resources, as well as to provide support for the libraries’ public programs. The Bookshelf project was formally announced along with the final selections at ALA’s annual conference in Anaheim, California on June 15, 2012. To date, the Bookshelf has been sent to over 950 libraries nationwide.