At the heart of the center's work are a wide range of research projects that reflect our faculty's diverse interests and innovative scholarship. In its first five years, the center has been awarded several grants to support research by its distinguished faculty members. Three grants have been received from the National Endowment for the Humanities, one from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, one from the El-Hibri Charitable Foundation, and one from the British Council and Social Science Research Council as part of the "Our Shared Past" initiative.

In the spirit of Islam's rich intellectual traditions, these projects are avowedly multidisciplinary and explore a wide range of topics, both historical and contemporary, relating to Islam and Muslim societies around the world. The outcomes of this research include academic books and journal articles, curriculum and teaching resources for schoolteachers, and online materials intended for a broader public audience. 

For more information on these different projects, follow the links below.


Teaching Connected Histories of the Mediterranean


The Study Qur'an


Beyond Golden Age and Decline


Arab Scholars Project


Muslim Journeys Bookshelf


Our Shared Past in the Mediterranean

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