Turks in America

Despite the growing interest - both public and academic - on the Middle East, migrations from the Middle East to the United States is one of the least studied areas of US and transnational histories. From Albanians to Syrians, millions of Americans trace their ancestral origins to the Ottoman Empire, and most, if not all, were categorized simply as Turks at the time of their arrival to America. In response to the scholarly need and to facilitate research on the topic, with a focus on migrations from the Ottoman Empire to the United States, this digital project aims to document Turkish-American experiences, open new archival material to academic scholarship, bring together available studies in multiple languages, and foster critical interaction among scholars. The website to host the database was developed in the Spring of 2019 and the beta version of the digital version was put into use. The project will be formally launched in Fall 2019 and feature documents and audio-visual material from multiple archives as well as scholarly articles based on original research. 

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