Qur'anic Reading and Reasoning Workshop

Qur’anic Reading and Reasoning: Rethinking Approaches to Sacred Text

May 21-23, 2010

This exploratory workshop aimed to be a critical first step in a larger project that aims to identify and study methodologies that might explicate a self-conscious and academically rigorous relationship between the academic study of the Qur’an and modern Qur’anic interpretation. Scholars discussed the relationships between ‘modern Western academic’ and ‘traditional’ modes of inquiry in the field of Qur’anic studies.


  • Faculty Sponsor: Juliane Hammer, George Mason University
  • Graduate Assistant: Golnesa Asheghali, M.A. Candidate, Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Ayesha Chaudhry, Colgate University
  • Cemil Aydin, George Mason University
  • Maria Dakake, George Mason University
  • Mahan Mirza, Notre Dame
  • Martin Nguyen, Fairfield University
  • Homayra Ziad, Trinity University