"Approaching Effective Madrassa Reform in Pakistan" with Syed Mohammad Ali

AVACGIS Lecture Series

Thursday, November 2, 2017 2:00 PM
Johnson Center, Meeting Room G

Ali-lectureBased on his on-ground field work in Pakistan, Dr. Ali aims to draw attention to the piecemeal approaches which have been formulated to contend with the perceived threat of madrassa radicalization within a post-9/11 context. He will argue for an alternative approach to reforming madrassas, and provide illustrative examples of how a different approach may be implemented.

Syed Mohammad Ali is a development anthropologist, with over a decade of experience working on socio-economic and political challenges in a developing countries context. He contributes a weekly column to Express Tribune, an affiliate of New York Times in Pakistan. He has taught at universities in Australia, Pakistan and the U.S., including at Georgetown, George Washington University, and at Mason.

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