IMSC PanelTo disseminate new scholarship in the field of global Islamic studies, the center holds conferences and colloquia on a wide range of subjects throughout the academic year that are often linked to larger research projects. The center also sponsors conferences in partnership with other departments at George Mason University as well as organizations and other universities located in the Washington metropolitan area.

In the same vein of fulfilling its research mission, the center has sponsored and hosted several workshops, bringing together distinguished international scholars with the center's faculty and graduate students. These sessions provide for intellectual exchanges on a smaller and more intense basis than what occurs at larger conferences.


April 2019 - "Islam in China: New Studies and Perspectives, Conference

April 2018 - "What is Islam?: Conventional Views and Contemporary Perspectives", Conference

April 2018 - "Racism, Racialization, and African-American Islam in the Americas", Conference


October 2018 - Book Review Colloquium on Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies - in partnership with Fall For the Book 2018

October 2017 - Book Review Colloquium on Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies - In partnership with Fall For the Book 2017

April 2017 - "History, Memory, Identity" Graduate Student Colloquium on Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies - In partnership with the Diyanet Islamic Research Institute


February 2019 - After Malcolm Digital Archive: Celebrating and Preserving the Legacy of African American Islam, Launch Panel