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The mission of the Ali Vural Ak Center for Global Islamic Studies is to advance a sound and nuanced understanding of Muslim societies and the Islamic faith, its role in world history, and its current patterns of globalization.

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Summer Institute Will Expand Teachers' Knowledge of the Middle East

Most Americans can stand to brush up on their knowledge of Middle East geography and culture, despite the ongoing U.S. operations in the area and the abundance of daily news reports about the region. This summer, Peter Mandaville, Co-Director of the Ali Vural Ak Center, will help to increase public knowledge of the Middle East by first teaching those who teach the masses.

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Celebrating and Learning About Arabic Language and Culture

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages, the global affairs program, and the Middle East and Islamic studies program worked together to host the university's first Arab Culture Day on October 30, bringing the sounds and color of Arab nations to the North Plaza of the Fairfax Campus.

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